Registration conditions, valid from 01.01.2017

It is possible to do one registration one same time, all registrations shall be collected to Your cart and You can do finally one transaction.

Entry of a team for the relay event is done by the captain of the team, who represents all the team members at the time of making the entry and has the mandate to give all the necessary confirmations and consents on behalf of the rest of the team members.

By submitting the entry form the participant confirms that he or she: 

  • has read and understood the race Regulations and undertakes to comply with these 
  • has read and understood and accepts the Registration Conditions 
  • gives the race organizers a full and conscious consent to use his or her name and photo for advertising and marketing event in print media and on internet
  • gives the race organizers a full and conscious consent to process and use his or her personal information to the extent needed to organize the event

If you wish to receive a receipt for the paid entry fee or change participants data, please contact Organizer who´s contact locates on front page.

The paid entry fees are not refundable.

Race Organizer reserves the right to make any changes in Race Regulations and Registration Conditions at any time.

An athlete undertakes to present correct data upon registration. Race Organizer can not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from provided incorrect or false data.